About Us

The WoTchers Podcast is made up of three friends who happen to be writers and fans of fantasy. After numerous conversations about their love of the genre, they decided that it would be fun to read some classic epic fantasy together and talk about it. Never ones to shy away from a vigorous discussion, these three authors are guaranteed to bring unique commentary and perspective you won’t get anywhere else. After they finish the entire Wheel of Time series, who knows where they might go next.

This is not your typical fan podcast. Buckle up and hang on.

The WoTchers are:


Hank Garner is an author and podcaster. He writes fantastical stories set in a small town. Hank interviews authors from all across the genre spectrum on The Author Stories Podcast. With over 400 episodes over 4 years, ASP is one of the longest running author interview shows on the internet. Hes is a lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy.

Find Hank at hankgarner.com

Josh Hayes is the author of the Second Star series and co-author of the Terra Nova Chronicles with Richard Fox, along with several short stories published in various anthologies. He hosts the popular live YouTube show Keystroke Medium with Scott Moon, Ralph Kern, and Chuck Manley and is a voracious reader of all things sci-fi and fantasy.

Find Josh at joshhayeswriter.com

Jaime Castle is the is the co-author of The Buried Goddess Saga (along with Science Fiction author Rhett C. Bruno.)

He lives in Texas with his wife and two children and enjoys anything creative. A self-proclaimed comic book nerd and artist, he spends what little free time he can muster with his art tablet.

Find him at jaimecastle.com