Episode 3 | The One That Might Take Place In Washington D.C.

Week three of WoTchers and the hosts have decided to make some pretty bold predictions about the series. They are confident they are wrong. Laugh along with them as they discuss their favorite characters so far and where they believe Robert Jordan will take them.

*** We had some problems with the audio earlier today. If you downloaded the show earlier, replace it with this one. -Thanks , The WoTchers

8 thoughts on “Episode 3 | The One That Might Take Place In Washington D.C.

  1. You discussed the geography some, here’s a relatively detailed world map that’s handy to have as a reference. The only thing really spoiled here is names of places, and I don’t think you can infer anything plot-wise from that: https://orig13.deviantart.net/958f/f/2010/182/1/7/wheel_of_time___western_lands_by_sevenbridges.jpg

    I used that as a reference when reading trough the books, and I think it added to the experience, it helps to have an idea of where things are in relation to each other, and how far apart things are.

    I don’t think the geography or various places is meant to correspond to our own world, I think it’s meant to be far enough in the future that the landscape is completely different, and the only thing that survives from our time is myths and legends.

    Here’s some feedback on the podcast: You mentioned being on book 3, I’d ask you to not read too far ahead, this podcast will be way more interesting if you don’t know what’s coming. Hearing more of your theories on what’s going on and predictions about what’s going to happen would be interesting. There were some audio issues in this episode, you forgot to edit out a spoiler regarding Thom at one point even thought you mentioned that you should edit that out. At a couple of points the audio got noticeably quieter for a little bit compared to the rest of the recording, to the point where you had to turn up the volume to hear what was said. At one point you had what I assume is two separate recordings overlapping each other, resulting in two people talking over each other about different things.

    Looking forward to the next one!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I think we are all on book 2 in our reading and will be talking a lot about book 2 before moving forward with the show. As far as the audio problems, yes we are still working out the technology for recording the 3 of us in separate locations while still maintaining sound quality. It’ll get better as we go. And if we’re overlapping each other, that just because we are idiots like that. 😉

  2. Concerning your speculation around todays geographical world and that of Randland (name for world among readers/fans).
    What happens in the prologue is the end of the age of legends and the events there is the start of the breaking of the world. thousands of male channelers more or less did what Lews Therin did as they got mad because of the taint. Mountains were raised, plains were flooded and oceans were drained. The channelers in the age of legends were stronger than what the Aes Sedai is in the power and could cause some serious damage.

    The wonderous things in the world were usually constructed during the age of legends i.e. just prior to the prologue events. The cities were generally built after the breaking.

    The age before the age of legends is the age of myths and our time is supposed to be the age before that (I think). This means that stories about the giant Mosk with lances of fire that could reach around the world is the twisted example of Moscow with nuclear weapons.

    The time in WoT is circular and not linear so our events are the subject for their stories that’s almost beyond myth and as the stories progress you will notice character traits and elements that are twisted versions of Norse, Slavic and other ancient myths as well as legends such as the the Arthurian saga which there are many parallells to.

    This audio interview on youtube with Jordan touches about some of these things. There are no spoilers in the audio. There are some pictures from later books but there are not any context for them so I think that you may rather find them inspiring. Although if you want to avoid them don’t look at the images, just listen to the audio.

  3. I missed one thingt in the beginning of my previous post.
    There is little point in looking for similarities about the physical world (geography, cities and so on) since it has passed several ages between and the breaking more or less broke the world, and also erased most forms of civilization.

  4. Thank you very much for the podcast!
    I especially liked your discussion of the characters in the book, which you yourself wanted to come up with. In such a work as the Wheel of Time with a huge number of characters, everyone can find a person interesting to watch or vice versa, someone whom it is pleasant to despise.
    One wish: Try to write down the three most interesting moments in the book (or the worst ones) and discuss them all together. For your listeners who re-read the series several times it will be interesting to hear what hooked you in these scenes or what caused the opposite effect. Or maybe you liked the quote from a book that resonates very strongly with you.
    In any case, I will look forward to the next episode.

  5. I really enjoyed this podcast where you start going into the book, and discuss your favorite characters so far and the future of those characters. I agree with earlier comments that say you don’t have to focus too much on similarites between our world and WOT world.

    I love the villains in this series and i do enjoy the black and white. I also enjoy the biblical similarities the prophecies, villains and other things.

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