The Wheel of Time on PBS’s The Great American Read

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Summer 2018 is shaping up to be a hot one. When most people think about summer, they think pools, grills, lakes, and beaches. I think about sitting in an ice cold, air-conditioned room, reading a book.

Currently ongoing is an eight-part series by PBS exploring the best books America has to offer… 100 of them to be exact. In the end, 100 will enter, but only 1 will survive.

The Great American Read pits book against book until the best is chosen, and of course, The Wheel of Time is included.

May 22nd, the first episode served as a 2 hour an hour long introduction to the series, and revealed the top 100 all-time American Reads and sharing why each was chosen. The following episodes have been and will be documentary style with interviews from the authors, celebrity bibliophiles, and more. By the time the show concludes in October, a winner will be chosen.

Do you believe The Wheel of time should win? Watch along and see!

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