Episode 2 | The One Where That Guy Can’t Find His Wife

Thanks for joining us for the second episode of The WoTchers Podcast. After last week’s introductions, our hosts reconvene to discuss the epic prologue to Eye Of The World, Mr. Jordan’s allusions to Earth’s past (or is it future? Past again? Time…. it is a wheel…), thoughts on the structure of the book and what we look forward to as we travel through the series.

If you would like to join us as we read through, you can pick up the first book Eye of the World from Amazon, or listen to it from Audible like we are doing.

15 thoughts on “Episode 2 | The One Where That Guy Can’t Find His Wife

  1. To the question if readers have read newer fantasy vs older (WoT).

    I binged a ton of fantasy prior to my first WoT read, which was last year. First Law, Red Rising, Reyria Chronicles, The Cosmere books, broken empire, star wars books, and various other series. And WoT is one of my favorites, I enjoy mystery and explanation despite complaints of it being slow. I’ve read the books twice over since that first read last year, and I just want to relive the first experience because to me it was just fantastic. I’m not a stickler for my fantasy consumption, as long as the story is enjoyable and exciting I will probably read it.

    PS. I listen to audio books cause I can do chores and various other tasks while listening.

  2. One aspect that I really love about the series is the character growth, they change and grow fairly slowly and in step with what’s happening around and to them. It actually feels like growth, rather than change for plots sake. It’s definitely an advantage of having such a long running series.

    Another favorite bit, right on the heels of the real world references you mention is Moiraine’s telling of the story of Manetheren. It’s a powerful sequence, and is so reminiscent of classic fantasy; probably one of my favorite bit of writing in the first book.

    Re: Reading, I’m mainly a fantasy genre reader but have the advantage of being a bit voracious. I’ve read the first half of WoT far more than the later half because it was my stable for staving off boredom while riding along my dad’s route when I was a teen. But I could devour 2 to 3 WoT books in an 8 hour sitting. Thanks to that I can afford to wander in my reading, and like to read mystery and sci-fi.

    I actually really like listening to Audiobooks, It lets me take things more slowly, and put more brain power to visualizing the text. Plus, it’s much harder to skip an entire paragraph when listening.

    Your comments on what Jordan did with the prologue struck me, I’m currently listening to The Way of Kings along with my girlfriend as part of a big fantasy marathon(we’ve finished WoT, Mistborn Era 1) and it’s interesting to see the books through her eyes. One thing that stuck out was how term dense the start of Way of Kings is. Both books prologue serves as an introduction to the world however there is a large contrast into how they ease the reader into the main story. Way has almost a mini-prologue with Szeth that is extremely term dense, it’s exciting and easy to pickup for a seasoned fantasy reader. It makes for a fun read but it was really difficult for her to follow along with and I think that takes away from it. Eye, and WoT in general has you learning about things along with the characters.

    I think this is a bit of a weakness in more modern fantasy, which I think comes out of exactly what you mention on how we use our time changing.

    P.S. The Pirate(Smuggler) was Bayle domon, and the Illianer accent is great. Also speaking of names, you should listen to the prologue one more time.

    P.P.S. There seems to be a bit of file corruption just after 44:00, and it seems to jump at 44:18

      1. More misattributed one; there is a lot layered in there. The part I’m referring to is between about 4:00 to 12:00 in the Audible version of EotW. Sorry for being indirect, but you can never be to careful when trying to explain things in WoT.

  3. So I just finished your second podcast. So first of all I wanted to let you know that I am still interested in your podcast which is good! I am curious, how many episodes do you think you will do about each book? I do want to see your input because you are authors an I’m am just a reader. You will be very interested (I hope) will how huge the character growth is. You will get a lot of information about world and past in general. As for a few of the things you talked about. I think some of the things like Whitebridge, I believe are from the future. My reasoning is because when talking about the moon landing it refers to the age before the Age of Legends.

    As for do I read? Very much so, I have read the series 8+ times and am re-reading with you guys. I am a huge reader across a few genres. I have read A Song of Ice and Fire about 3 times to what is currently out. I have also read the Legend of Drizzt. One of my other favorite series is actually historical fiction. Marching with Caesar by R. W. Peake. One of the main genres that I read is actually Sci-Fi leaning more towards military. Undying Mercenaries Series by B.V. Larson is an amazing series. I also grew up with Harry Potter so I still have fond memories but my sister and I going to the midnight release for the books ect. If you look into it you will notice that the shortest series on that list is Martins. I personally love to see the characters grow and really I grow attached to them.

    As for The Wheel of Time it is an amazing series that I can never let go of. I have been reading it since about 2004-2005 when I was 14-15. I remember days when the new book would come out and I would hide in my room and turn my phone off and just enjoy the book. That was after re-reading everything in preparation for the book.

    1. Thank you, Matthew. We plan several episodes per book. We’ll move on to book 2 in a couple more episodes and we fully expect things to go deep and wide as we move forward. Thanks for joining us, and please feel free to chime in and let us know how we’re doing.

  4. You said that people don’t have time to just sit down and read anymore, which is true to an extent, but for me at least I think the modern world has enabled me to read more. I can carry an entire library in my pocket and pull it up to read a chapter or two when I have a moment of downtime, no matter where I am, making the threshold to reading that much smaller compared to when you really had to dedicate time for it.

    I’m not one of those people who have read the series many times, I read it for the first time a year ago. I might do a re-read at some point, and if I do it will primarily be because of the characters. When I was done with the series they felt like old friends that I wouldn’t get to see again, and I missed them. Not many books have had that effect on me. But I’m not ready for a re-read yet, it’s too soon. Maybe in a couple of years.

    I don’t think you need to be defensive about your choice of medium, I think most people understand. Personally I feel like I miss some detail when listening to audio books comparing to reading the text, so for more complex series where there’s a lot to keep track of I tend to go with text. But for more straightforward stories I prefer audio books, there’s just something zen about keeping my hands occupied with some mindless task while taking in a story. I haven’t heard the narrators of the WoT series, but I’ve heard that a lot of people like them, so I’m sure they do the series justice.

    1. Andreas, its definitely difficult when discussing these things to not generalize. We know kindle has made reading more convenient—but I personally find myself unable to focus on the book on my phone because of all the texts/phone calls/notifications etc. I get so regularly. I know the answer is to turn them off, but I have another job that is incredibly people oriented and I can’t.

      I can’t wait to get to the end of the series and experience what you are. That’s how I felt about Harry Potter—they were my friends!

  5. As reader my endurance has grown. I have only truly started reading for enjoyment in the last 10 yrs now. Audio books have changed my world, now at work I can listen to Audio books, I listen on average to about 35hrs a week. I still enjoy reading though so I often am reading 3 different books at a time at a much slower pace. I have found few genres I dislike, I recently finished a stint on all the major US wars both novels and documentaries last month and until now. I enjoy fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, mysteries, dystopian, historical fiction, nonfiction stuff, you get the picture. I also have 3 boys under the age of 4 so I know the difficulties that brings, I am glad to say they show an interest in reading equal to that of their parents.

    Of all the people who I know personally who have read the series or are currently reading it all have a broad interest in books.

    As for the little things RJ slips in his books about things of our modern age I have know of it but until you mentioned some of them I did not know about that, I guess we can all still learn something I think that is cool.

    This series is like when you were a little kid growing up, at the time everything seems so slow, time moves slow, you are processing so much and yet you do not understand the half of it though you really want to just grow up. You sort of grow with the series and by the time you finish you are a “grown up” and stuff you seen when you were a kid now make sense to you.

  6. I learned of your podcast from the reddit post for this episode.

    I’m excited to hear what authors like you think of the books, and I generally like to hear what people think their first time around.

    I picked up the series in the summer of 2006 and read a book a month for 11 months. I was a full-time student, and it was rather uncanny how precise that book per month was given the variation in length between books. I’ve read all of the books at least twice, but none more than 4 times.

    Regarding other reading, I’ve read the Lord of the Rings a couple of times, and tried to start the Silmarillion once. Read through A Song of Ice and Fire. Picked up the first Mistborn trilogy because Sanderson finished WoT, and then I grabbed The Way of Kings. I put off Stormlight Book 2 Words of Radiance because of the length, not unlike your feelings about starting the Wheel of Time. I eventually caught up last fall so I could read Book 3 Oathbringer. Other than that, some Star Trek and Star Wars novels. I especially liked the Star Wars books by Timothy Zahn.

    Anyway, I think I’ll continue to really enjoy your podcast. It is what it says on the tin. I don’t get why some are upset by that. I hope you are critical, not necessarily just negative, but actually examining the story and books for what they are. You’ll certainly bring a different perspective than some fans, but I don’t know a single fan of this series who wouldn’t change something if they could. I certainly don’t think it’s perfect.

    I am also looking forward to hearing from you about how this compares with other fantasy or other kinds of stories. Mainly because I’m hoping to hear of something that piques my interest that I might decide to pick up.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Enjoying the podcast. I have read the series a few times. The first few books are great. The middle few get very political and slow and then the last few are awesome. Enjoy

  8. Regarding re-reading WOT and other books, I use a combination of Audible with Whispersync. On Audible for rereads, I usually bump the speed a little bit (or a lot for boring or annoying parts). I’ll go back to regular speed for especially awesome parts. It really doesn’t take *too* long to do a reread when doing this.

  9. I enjoyed the second episode far more than the first. It seemedto be more about the content of the books rather than snidely bashing the series. One of the questions from the second podcast was how have people read this series ten plus times. Many of us have been reading these books since the early 90’s, as we would wait two plus years between books, I know many of us would reread the series in anticipation of the release of a new book. I can answer for others, but, I have also read tons of Forgotten Realms, King, Asprin, Sanderson, Weeks, Brett, and many others. Both inside and outside the genre. Really looking forward to hearing you guys evolve as fans throughout the read (listen!).

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